Passing of Matric & Intermediate Students 2022 by Shafqat Mehmood

Islamabad: Govt Decides that all students of matric & intermediate will be passed.

No student will be failed in this session of 2022 But here one thing is clear the result will be announced as per schedule. But those students who got less than passing marks in any subject will be given 33% marks.

Shafqat Mehmood announced this decision in a press conference after the NCOC meeting on 13 September 2022. Po BOX 750 Jobs.

Govt decision is due to the covid-19 situation & 4th layer. Govt can not handle managing the supply exams after the result of matric & intermediate of 2022 examinations. Therefore all students of matric & intermediate will be passed.

Paper will be marked and the result will be announced. The students who are passing on their own will get proper marks. This decision is in favor of those who are going to be failed.

This decision will be implemented for all boards in Pakistan.

Next year there will be 2 exams per year and both will be considered as annual examinations. Matric paper will be held in May June 2022. The next academic session will start in August 2022.

9th & 11th Students will get their results as per the schedule and there is no 33% pass policy for them.

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Passing Matric Intermediate Students

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