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The Bise Lahore Intermediate 12 results for 2022 will be announced on 30 September 2022.

According to the latest update from Bise Lahore, the results of category 12 for mid-2022 will be announced on September 30. 12th HSSC exam in August 2022. Since COVID-19, only optional subjects are taken in the exam. Students belong to different groups (science and art) in their respective subjects.

BISE Lahore FA Result 2022, BISE Lahore FSC Result 2022, BISE Lahore ICS Result 2022, BISE Lahore ICOM Result 2022, BISE Lahore Dcom Result 2022 will be available on 30 September 2022. Intermediate Class Result 2022.

BISE Lahore Intermediate Result 2022

BISE Lahore Intermediate

How To Check BISE Lahore Intermediate Result 2022 ?

Students can view the results online by simply entering the rolling of Bise Lahore. On a certain date, the Committee on Secondary and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore will announce the results, which students can view. Pakistan provides a platform for students to easily check their results. The results of all administrative elections in Punjab will be announced together.

HSSC Promotion Policy for Examinations 2022:

The HSSC Promotion Policy for Examinations 2022 is very simple for Intermediate Result 2022 for 12th & 11th Class both. We are going to explain the policy with an example.

All Students will be passed out this year due to 4th layer of Covid-19. Mr Shafqat Mehmood announced that all students who fail or get less than 33% marks will be passed with 33% marks.

All papers will be marked and shining students will get their original marks.

What is policy for Intermediate Result 2022 Practical marks?

How Practical Marks will be calculated according to the Promotion Policy for Intermediate?

Practical examinations for Intermediate and Secondary Examinations 2022, shall not be conducted and marks for the same shall be awarded to only qualifying candidates, as follows:

50% marks of the total practical marks shall be granted to all qualifying candidates while the remaining 50% marks are awarded proportionate to their theory marks in the relevant subjects.

Check All Punjab Boards Intermediate 12th Class Result 2022

Select the BISE board to check its Intermediate 12th Class Result 2022.

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Lahore BoardMultan Board

Rawalpindi BoardSargodha Board

Sahiwal Board

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